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tidying up the pantry

tidying up the pantry published on

look at me, getting all environmentally conscience. or something. actually, what’s ironic is that i’ve just about convinced the bf that we need to stop buying bottled water since it’s a waste of time, effort, money and plastic. but since we still have lots of bottles in the house for now, i’ll share this fabulous idea for food storage with you.

firstly, i openly admit this was not my idea. i found it on pinterest (of course) and i wanted to give credit to whomever thought of it first, but i couldn’t seem to track that nugget of information down… so thank you to whomever you are. the rest of you – thank me for sharing it now. ha.

what you need: any plastic-bagged pantry staple, any empty plastic bottle.

step one: drink the water. it’s good for you. or if you’re going to use another type of bottle, if it’s a soft-drink dump that crap out, if it’s a fruit juice, drink it. point is, don’t be wasteful.

step two: cut the top of the bottle off, being careful to not leave any jagged edges or pointy bits.

step three: wash the inside and out of the bottle top and lid, dry thoroughly.

step four: pull the top of the bag through the opening of the bottle. be careful not to pull it too tight – you’ll end up spilling a little bit (or a lot… trust me) when you go to screw the top on.

so far i found it worked fine on the slightly heavy plastic of powdered sugar bags, the crinkly harder plastic of toll house, and the foil-ish bags of ghirardeli chocolate chips. i don’t see it working on paper bags, though.

step five: screw the lid on. this is where possibly using a soft drink bottle might be slightly advantageous to you; notice how short the lid is. so it took a few tries to get it to screw down onto the bottle top. also, the amount of plastic in the bag i was trying to seal off seemed to matter, but not so much the thickness. point is, having more threads to use might have made it easier.

easy-peasy. and now all of the bags are air-tight, thanks to the threads in the bottle tops. i have these little clip i bought for this purpose ages ago, which i rarely use because you have to get the bag folded down just right in order to get them to close. they remind me of the plastic barrettes mom used to put in my hair when i was a little girl. too much or too little hair, they were useless. this though? it works!

that’s it. if you’re a total neat freak like i am, you might want to cut off some of the excess plastic. just don’t do this until you’ve tried screwing the lid on, first. if you cut your bag too short, it’ll be a bitch to hold in place while you screw the lid on. trust me.

how to use a bottle top to seal a bag
how to use a bottle top to seal a bag
how to use a bottle top to seal a bag
how to use a bottle top to seal a bag
how to use a bottle top to seal a bag
how to use a bottle top to seal a bag

so don’t say i never taught you anything. anyone can do this. you probably already have all the stuff you need, so it doesn’t cost you anything. and when your chocolate chips, powdered sugar, chopped nuts, raisins and everything else stay fresh, you’ll be glad you did it. if you’re not first questioning why you have partial bags of chocolate chips to begin with.

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