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this is especially true anytime before sunrise

this is especially true anytime before sunrise published on

once again in a complete dereliction of my duties as a blogger and your source for offbeat, funky distraction – i have not been posting. on the upside –  while i was gone, tons of work and not just a little bit of fun was had. so there’s that.

and this isn’t even a real post, i just had to share something that i’ve thought of at least a dozen, dozen times and finally got around to making an image for:

this strange phenomena occurs whenever i’ve gotten up some time before the boyfriend, for whatever reason. i mean, i can go for a while without coffee in the morning, but eventually i really want my cup of joe. sure as the sun rises, though, i’ll be up early on a morning when i haven’t set up the coffee maker the night before. the same water being poured from the same pitcher into the same coffee maker water hole at 11:30 at night sounds like – at most – some toddler tinkling in the toilet. but dare i make coffee at 5:15 in the morning, when i’m trying so desperately to be quiet that i leave the lights off in the office (hey, lights make sound when they come on) and it’s niagra-fucking-falls filling that coffee maker!

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