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John James Preston

John James Preston published on

i admit, the point of my spoiler-ish post title is solely that if you google it, you’ll find me. all roads lead to me. hahaha.

no, seriously. went with the girls to see SATC and now, backwards thinking as i am, have decided i need to own the entire series on dvd. because i never got to watch it when it was on HBO. and i won’t cheat myself and watch the pg-13 versions airing on TBS. so i’m going to have to buy the dvd set. seriously. it was that good.

and jjp is a very nice name for mr. big to have. a little snobbish, but not entirely.

and charlotte pougkipsied in her pants.

and samantha covered herself in hand-rolled sushi only to have it go to waist (no, i didn’t misspell that) because he didn’t appreciate her.

and miranda actually caved and forgave him (something i would never have done, i assure you).

and carrie… carrie is more like me than i ever realized. which is funny, considering that i never wanted to watch the show when it was originally out, because i really didn’t think that i was anything like her.

and maybe i wasn’t, then. and maybe i just needed to find my very own mr. big. because now i think i have. and now i think i am. and we’ll probably never get married, and that’s just fine.

oh, except for this: i like nice labels as much as the next girl, but i won’t pay for them. no coach bags and manalo blahniks in my closet.

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