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don’t get mad

don’t get mad published on

so after i poured my heart out to y’all day before yesterday, i thought i’d maybe post something a little more lighthearted today.

you see, since i’ve not been blogging on a regular basis, i’ve had a sort of stockpile of ideas of things i wanted to talk about. many of them, due to the amount of time that has passed, are all but irrelevant now (for instance, the living hell i went though two summers ago caring for mom post-mastectomy), but other posts i thought i’d get to are still good anytime. like the time i got made at glad trash bags & let them know about it. and then they went & did something about it.

my kitchen is not trashy
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so i was gathering the trash for trash night (you know, to put out at the curb for pick-up the next morning. “trash night.”) anyway, with just the two of us it’s rare that we ever fill more than one kitchen size trash bag a week, never mind even filling one all the way. so for the most part, if i buy a box of 100 trash bags, they can last us well over a year. that being said, i’d bought a box and it seemed like every week for a couple of months or more i’d go to pull the bag out of the trash can and whether it was half, three-quarters or completely full, one if not both of the drawstring handles would break on me. one night i’d had enough, and blew off some steam about it on twitter.

and you know what? they answered me. not a lot of products do that, you know. i’ve @-tagged a lot of them over the years and rarely get an answer. but in this case, not only did glad answer me a little more than a day later, they apologized, asked me to snap them a pic of the upc code area so they could track down the problem, asked for my address & then sent me a coupon worth the cost of a whole new 100 count box.

because, you know, they wanted me to be glad. not mad.

so this isn’t an advertisement for them. hell, they don’t even know i’m writing it. but i will go so far as to call this an endorsement. because if you’re using different trash bags in your kitchen than these, you’re doing it wrong. you can stuff these with all manner of (relatively) sharp objects, heavy trash (like watermelon hulls & beer bottles [don’t ask]) and they won’t split open or break. they smell pretty awesome, and while the smell fades over a couple of days, they still do a pretty decent job of keeping the trashy trash smell down. and best of all, they’re from a company that gives a shit about what their customers think of their products. my kind of people.

so don’t get mad. get glad.

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