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sunshine on a cloudy day

sunshine on a cloudy day published on

that’s not really a great title for this post, because what this post is about actually occurred on the third of a four-day stretch of beautiful weather, so in that regard it makes no sense at all. but from the standpoint of wanting a title that was weather-related and not saccharine-sweet (“you are the sunshine of my life” – blech!) it’s what i’m going with.

when i started this post, i had a whole different start to it (and train of thought, for that matter) but then i reminded myself i need to stop using 100 words when 10 will do (and also that i have a lot of work to get done) so here’s the thing: tim heller is my favorite weatherman. and i’ll tell you why –

weathermen have shitty jobs. wait, let me re-phrase that; weathermen’s jobs can be pretty shitty sometimes. sure, everyone loves them when the weather is nice out & they said it would be. but they get all the blame when the weather goes to shit, or it rains too much, or they said it was gonna be this degree with this kind of weather & it ends up being that degree with that kind. so last night when something really cool happened, i decided to make a big fucking deal about it because seriously, weathermen’s jobs can be pretty shitty sometimes.

last night as we were watching tim do the weather report (on a rare occasion when the bf didn’t change the station eleventy-hundred times during the 10-10:30 newscasts) i happened to spot a little flash of red around tim’s ankle when the camera panned out some. maybe it was the wine (hey, on thursdays, i drink wine – blame shonda) but i felt compelled to ask tim if he was wearing red socks & to show them to me. that was at 10:19. not five minutes later, i got a response:

and that just made my day. or, night, as the case may be. i mean – do you know how cool it feels to basically say something to someone you’re watching *live on tv* & have them answer you like immediately afterwards? it’s pretty awesome. even if it is as silly as something about socks.

just so you know: i do not actually know tim. he doesn’t actually know me. he and i have exchanged several tweets over the past year or so, however, and that has gone a long way towards me feeling like i know him well enough to make the assumption that he is genuinely a nice guy, actually cares what people think about his forecasts, and actually cares about people in general. because the other weathermen (the chief meteorologists, specifically, not all the weatherpersons in general) in houston never have done that for me. no, no, not the sock thing. but answered me or my questions. and i know a big part of that is because they’re very busy people, and they have very important jobs that can be extremely unrewarding and shitty a lot of the time. but i think a little of that is because they’re not really the people their personas are portrayed to be. tim doesn’t portray a persona, though, near as i can tell. tim is just – tim. and that’s cool.

so thank you, tim. you just don’t know how much i appreciate you taking the time – but i hope this little post somehow conveys my gratitude. it meant a lot. and even if you can’t tweet about this (i know, i know, my screen name, ugh) or talk about it on tv (i mean, i do cuss like a sailor), at least now you know. you keep being you, sir.

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