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boycotting quilted northern (aka georgia pacific)

boycotting quilted northern (aka georgia pacific) published on

so here’s something totally personal about me. i use quilted northern ultra plush bathroom tissue. congratulations. now you, total stranger, know something that some of my own family don’t know about me.

but really, you only know something about me that i used to do. cause i am fed up. and i know i’m not the only one. anyway, here it is. here’s my reason for boycotting quilted northern. because the grocery shrink ray has struck what used to be my favourite brand not once, not twice, but three times in recent history.

most recently, i discovered while restocking the cabinet that not only had the tube the tissue is rolled on got larger, but that the amount of tissue rolled around the tube got more loosely rolled and is shorter than ever. check this out:

old tube: 1 1/4", new tube: 1 15/16"

seriously, the new tube has grown almost 3/4 of an inch! and then, the amount of tissue around each roll:

it's hard to see it, but that's the new roll on top

alright, measuring from the outside edge of the tube, to the outside edge of the roll, the old one was 1 5/8,” the new one is a lousy 1 7/16″ – i know, i know, it doesn’t seem like a lot, 3/16″ difference, but again, multiplied over the number of rolls per package, you can see where i have a legitimate complaint, right? especially since i’m paying the same amount of money?

well, not anymore. i’m switching brands. not that i’m telling you which brand i’m switching to.

that would be too personal.

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