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brock turner; men, not all men; men and also men

brock turner; men, not all men; men and also men published on No Comments on brock turner; men, not all men; men and also men

june has been a rough month for men. a large number of them are getting their panties all up in wads over alleged “wrongs” that they’re suffering from.

i’m glad.

as someone who has been the victim of sexual, psychological, and emotional violence, i praise anyone who stands up and says “enough.”

it started with the fire-storm over brock turner, the convicted rapist who was sentenced to just six months jail time of the 14+ years that were available to the judge to punish him with. world-wide outrage mounted against the little monster when this letter from his victim was published by buzzfeed. if you haven’t read it yet, you should. it should be required reading for every person on the planet. that was on june 3.

then, christina grimmie, a young singer who finished in third place on the sixth season of the talent show the voice, was fatally shot june 10 while signing autographs after a concert in orlando, florida. she was shot by some kid who for all anyone can tell, drove for hours for the sole purpose of shooting her, and as near as anyone can tell, planned on just driving back home afterwards, though ultimately, he killed himself during the struggle immediately after he shot her. she died early saturday morning. every judge on the voice fought to work with her after her incredible audition. she was an amazing talent.

on saturday, june 11, an amazing woman (who i don’t know) that tweets under the handle, @KivaBay began an epic rant on twitter and started utilizing the hashtag, #menalsomen – to point out the very hypocrisy of men who will say one thing and then also say something else that flies in the face of what they just said. a lot of men (and i mean, a lot) got very upset with this thread, telling her that it wasn’t fair to paint all men with such broad strokes. which only goes to show that obviously, not all men even manage to read all of the thread enough to understand that for fuckssake, assholes, it’s not about all men. it’s about a certain kind of man, who unfortunately, is a great number of men, and if the men who where “not all men” would just help point out this hypocrisy to the “also men” then maybe, just maybe, the world could be a better place. jeezus-rollerblading-christ!!

so i’ve taken it upon myself to post all of the tweets that were a part of @KivaBay‘s thread, in hopes that i can do some small part in helping her help them. after all:

  • MEN: Why do women always act like all men are rapists ugh god
    ALSO MEN: you got drunk around a bunch of men what did you expect
  • MEN: Women get paid less because they choose to have babies duh
    ALSO MEN: a woman who chooses a career over a family is actually a monster.
  • MEN: Not all men.
    ALSO MEN: well, boys will be boys.
  • MEN: I wish I could find a girlfriend who was into videogames.
    ALSO MEN: ugh these women are ruining videogames
  • MEN: women are shallow sluts who are only into hot jerks
    ALSO MEN: ugh that bitch isn’t even a 5 what is she even doing out of the house
  • MEN: women are too weak to join the military they must be protected
    ALSO MEN: why do women need the violence against women act stupid girls
  • MEN: single moms on welfare are the worst
    ALSO MEN: women who get abortions are the worst
  • MEN: you’re not like other girls <3
    ALSO MEN: ugh why can’t you be like other girls??
  • MEN: feminism is a vast conspiracy to oppress men and keep women in positions of power
    ALSO MEN: women are too stupid to be in STEM fields.
  • MEN: women who are sex workers have no respect for their bodies
    ALSO MEN: if I buy a woman dinner and she doesn’t sleep w me she’s a bitch
  • MEN: women are more emotional than men
    ALSO MEN: well, he wouldn’t have hit you if you hadn’t made him so angry
  • MEN: men make more money than women because men are the breadwinners in a family
    ALSO MEN: I don’t see why I have to pay child support
  • MEN: trans women aren’t REAL women
    ALSO MEN: guys who dress up like girls aren’t REAL men
  • MEN: oh yeah well what about when men are raped huh
    ALSO MEN: wish some hot teacher would have done that to ME when I was a kid hurh hurh
  • MEN: oh yeah well men get raped too
    ALSO MEN: how can a woman rape you, what are you, queer or something?
  • MEN: Women are naturally turned off by blood and gore, men are naturally turned on by it
    ALSO MEN: the word “menstruation” makes me uncomfy
  • MEN: women are so emotional lol
    ALSO MEN: the word “mansplain” is deeply offensive and hurts me.
  • MEN: if anybody talked that way to my sister I’d kick their ass
    ALSO MEN: *out a car window* HEY BITCH
  • MEN: it’s just twitter, who cares if you get harassed on twitter?
  • MEN: if he did that, why didn’t you go to the police? You’re probably making it up.
    ALSO MEN: you went to the police for fame and money.
  • MEN: she wouldn’t put out, she’s a frigid bitch.
    ALSO MEN: she puts out because she’s a worthless slut.
  • MEN: If it bothers you so much, just ignore it.
    ALSO MEN: well, you probably provoked him when you ignored him.
  • MEN: don’t put guys in the friendzone and lead them on
    ALSO MEN: let men down gently or it’s okay if they kill you
  • MEN: shaming a man for the size of his penis is wrong
    ALSO MEN: trans men aren’t men because they don’t have a penis
  • MEN: what about men who are abused how come you never talk about them
    ALSO MEN: if a man gets beaten up he’s a worthless sissy.
  • MEN: a woman could never be president hahaha she might bomb someone because she has PMS
    ALSO MEN: ok but let’s say we invade Iraq
  • MEN: I love women.
    ALSO MEN: I hate feminists
  • MEN: it’s just tweets calm down
    ALSO MEN: *respond defensively and angrily to this thread*
  • MEN: well I’ve never heard a man say this 😭
    ALSO MEN: *have said all these things in my presence*
  • I am apparently not being explicit enough in #MenAlsoMen, so…
  • MEN: It annoys me that women are vocalizing their hurt over their treatment.
    ALSO MEN: i’m not allowed to vocalize my hurt or i’m not a man
  • MEN: All I care about is pussy, I don’t get attached to anyone.
    ALSO MEN: i am not deserving of love bc i don’t fit the masculine ideal
  • MEN: women push men into abusing them
    ALSO MEN: the only coping mechanism i was ever taught was violence
  • MEN: 13 year old boys can’t be raped by their hot female teachers, don’t be stupid.
    ALSO MEN: My youth is not worth guarding, I am a man.

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