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bitches get stuff done published on No Comments

i wasn’t going to blog today. i’ve got a lot to get done; some laundry to finish, repainting the bathroom to finish up, prepping some chicken tits for grilling. i know, i know, it all sounds like domestic goddess type stuff. the only difference is – if none of it gets done, no one (well, no one but a tiny part of me) gives a shit. because i’m an equal here in my life. which makes life good.

which is what brings me to why i’m writing today. i wasn’t going to – but then @scandalabc had to go and post a tweet that, frankly, really got under my skin. they said:

Never underestimate the power of women. #Scandal

why, you may ask, does this piss me off? am i some sort of closeted misogynist asshole? no – quite the opposite. because you see – the tweet had a promo video attached to it. to wit:

and here’s the thing – instead of the text saying something “powerful,” or really pointing out what makes these female characters “powerful,” they only say “beautiful, brilliant, badass” then go on to say, “now meet the new bombshells.” every one of these women is beautiful, yes. undeniable. but that’s all they focused on here. they could have said, “fixer. surgeon. professor. fbi agent. oil tycoon.” and still shown them in their beautiful gowns and poses. but no. it’s not about their brains. about their leadership skills. about their power.

it’s about their boobs.

and that’s where things get under my skin. because i love everything shondaland, and shonda uses a diverse set of characters to present a diverse range of stories, and they’re all on abc. and yet… and yet, abc just totally misses the point of all that, and rolls shonda’s characters into a boobs first, brains second promo.

usa network gets it. their female characters are cia agents. managing partners of huge law firms. brilliant hackers. u.s. marshals in the not too distant past. and i don’t recall any marking that included any of these women all dolled up and paraded around as eye candy to get you to watch their shows. are they beautiful? abso-fucking-lutely. are they powerful? you bet your ass.

so abc, get your shit together. broaden your focus. all the young girls that watch your shows; they’re not just watching them for the beauty, for the boobs. they’re learning from them. they’re seeing that women are just as powerful as men. that women can do anything men can do.

this past week i met some neighbors. nice couple. introduced their more than half a dozen kids – who all are still young enough to live at home – to us. both dad and mom work. she and i started to bond a little when we discovered both of us get along better with men than women; that both of us have more guy friends than girls. she and i got into a conversation about women, and how we/they can be bitches. catty. but then she lost me. she said, “but i don’t think women should be in positions of leadership. we’re too emotional. i don’t know how they do it, but men can be more analytical, compartmentalize their emotions. we can’t be rational like that.”

bitch, please.

okay, okay… we might still ultimately become friends. i can high road it. i can agree to disagree. but this is my whole point – we, women, we can lead. we can be rational. we aren’t ruled by our emotions. at least, a lot of us can, and are. and i just think that if that was the ideology that more of us portrayed and reinforced, instead of always being weakling puddles of emotion that need a man to tell us what to do, more of the future generations of women might just start to think that they can do it to. because they can.

we’ve come a long way – but we have a long way to go.

because we can.

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