the lies they tell

April 30th, 2013 • i $hit u not, rants1 Comment »

i know, i know. i did it again. fuck! you know, i don’t mean to go away for months at a time! if you follow me on twitter, you know i’m on my computer nearly every day. sometimes all day.

i could give you some sorry-ass excuse about how busy i am, but aren’t we all? and frankly, i’ve got a shit-ton of things to talk about lately. like about the hair color cluster-fuck. and how great my exercise program has been going. some great things i’ve cooked or baked lately. oh, and about how mom has breast cancer now.

yeah, so that happened.

there was also some other things that i was *totally* gonna blog about because, damn – i was pissed off at the time. now i don’t even remember.


well, anyway, here’s this one, since i’m tired of seeing the tabs open up every time i start chrome, so let me get this off my chest:

i’m a sunday-only subscriber to the houston chronicle. basically, i pay them a buck-fifty a week to deliver the coupons to me, because i rarely look through much of the rest of it. but they like to remind me of “what i missed” by not being a seven-day-a-week subscriber, or at the very least (and this one’s just weird) a thursday-sunday subscriber, by sending me an occasional (several times a week) email showing me what i could have read, either in print or online, if i was just willing to pay them a little more money.

houston chronicle email to subscribers

see that? the blue box with “perry’s world vs. reality?” i was like, ‘huh, i’ll bet that’s funny. chron’s usually all up in perry’s ass. i’ll take a look.’ and sure enough, when i clicked on “read more” i got this little teaser of the write-up: “We had kind of, sort of, hoped that Gov. Rick Perry had moved beyond using legislative sessions as an audition for higher office. To continue reading this story, you will need to be a digital subscriber to

and i was like, ‘dammit!’ but then i thought – wait, isn’t the chronicle’s website so i open up a new tab, hit up, do a search for “perry’s world” and guess-fucking-what: ta-da! there it is. the whole article.

those bastards harass me by email and by phone to pay them more money so i can see shit that’s “exclusive” and “only available to subscribers” and then they have the balls to put it all out there anyway on a slightly-different domain and hope no one fucking pays attention.

what. the. fuck.

oh, and yeah, as it turned out, the article wasn’t even all that great; didn’t tell me anything i didn’t already know. governor rick perry is a douche-canoe.